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Safely and securely find clubs, set bookings, and access tutorials and guides from industry experts.

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Earn more as a featured dancer in clubs with Pole Position App. Search for clubs, connect with management, and get dancing!


Safely and securely message club managers, find clubs, and access tutorials and guides from industry experts.
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How it works

Request a code to our exclusive community. Note: Codes can take 24-48 hours to receive.

Once you receive your code, create a profile to validate your status as an entertainer. Remember, only verified clubs will see your profile

Once verified, you can request auditions and research clubs right away.

"I love that clients don't see the app and it's only for entertainers and clubs."
"I'm a traveling entertainer. It's so easy to research the styles of clubs and if a SOB is needed."
“Love it…I really appreciate the convenience. Using it was a cinch!"

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Do I need to have an invite code to use all the features of the app?
Yes, but as an entertainer, you can request one in the app. Please note that it can take 24-48 hours to receive an invite code if requested from the app
What type of photos should I include in my profile?
Consider this your professional profile in the industry, so showcase your best assets! You should post photos that are equivalent to your modeling portfolio and specific to the industry.
  • Your profile must include at least one photo of yourself, but we highly recommend to utilize all six photo opportunities to showcase your portfolio.
  • Consider choosing photos that showcase your talents.
  • Please only post photos of yourself and limit the use of photos with other people. We love pets and children, but these photos are not appropriate for the platform.
Can club patrons or customers access the Pole Position app?
No, club patrons cannot access the Pole Position app or create an account. There is no way for patrons to view your profile. Remember that Pole Position is an exclusive and verified environment for entertainers and clubs to connect, your profile is only accessible to verified club admins.

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